Property Management Services

Maintenance and Repairs – we strongly believe in taking care of your investment. Not only will it help retain the value of the property but if you ever decide to sell you won’t have a lengthy list of repairs to complete. And the value of your investment will continue to rise.

Tenant Screening – Each background check looks through rental activity, includes a full credit report, complete background check with identity verification and an eviction history. We review this information and a few other items in order to make a decision about the applicant.

Rent Collection – We have created an efficient rent collection process and work hard to make sure the tenants are paying on time. We have several ways for a tenant to pay but what is noteworthy is that we don’t accept checks or money orders. No more, “It’s in the mail”!

Financial and General Reporting – Whether you are looking for a quick look at how the business is doing or ready to read a detailed report for year end, we have an option for you. Report range from financial reporting to maintenance and repair reports

I have been renting with TCM Property Management since 2017 and I couldn’t be happier. They are great. Keep up the great work guys.
Matt Thomas

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